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Terpure Blue Cookies Sugar Wax Indica-dominant Hybrid – 1 Gram


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Terpure Blue Cookies Sugar Wax

1 Gram

Blue Cookies is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid, a progeny of celebrity strains Girls Scout Cookies and Blueberry. If a relaxed, clear headed and focused high is what you constantly seek, this strain should always be at your disposal. Blue Cookies is tested to contain THC compounds reaching to 25%, making it a very powerful hybrid.

Terpure presents the Blue Cookies wax as a fine sugary texture, appealing both in aesthetic and effects. This concentrate bursts with strong aromas and rich flavors, a result of THC crystals bathed in their own terpene solutions. The Terpure Blue Cookies Sugar Wax is made for versatile use. It can be consumed alone as it is quite delicious. For added potency and improved taste, it can be sprinkled on flowers and rolled up with joints.

Blue Cookies Sugar Wax has effects similar to those of evenly-balanced hybrids. It starts with a head buzz that gradually filters through the rest of the body. This stimulation of both body and mind makes it an ideal choice for activities that involve both. This concentrate has powerful effects that help patients treat attention deficit disorders and depressed or anxious mood, providing anything from mellow contentment to euphoria. Blue Cookies Sugar Wax can also serve as a good analgesic treatment for stress, aches, chronic pains, and nausea. If used in higher doses, it may help insomniacs find sleep.

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