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Terra Bites -120mg – Blueberry Bites


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Kiva Confections – Terra Bites -120mg – Blueberry Bites

This is Kiva Confections newest product: Chocolate Covered Medicated Blueberry Bites. Each single Blueberry contains 5mg of THC and the entire bag contains upwards of 120mg of THC

These Marijuana edibles are all natural and have become one of the most popular edibles on the market, due to the purity and taste

They have a traditional process of 24-hour, where the dried US-grown blueberries are coated and dusted in chocolate, raspberry and blueberry powder, then packaged out for delivery

approx. 5 mg THC per Berry

Total Strength:
120 mg THC

Net Weight:
41 g

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