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XJ-13 THC Design 6 pack Pre-rolls


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XJ-13 THC Design 6 pack Pre-rolls

6 joints come in each pack

XJ-13 THC Design 6 pack Pre-rolls are packed to the brim with XJ-13 Flower. A sativa-dominant strain prized for its euphoric vibe and medical benefits, the XJ-13 induces unfettered cerebral high and a mellow body buzz. This is a cross between legends Jack Herer X G13 Haze, and the result is a strain that stimulates imagination and tête-à-tête. If that is not enough reason to cherish this strain, then its potent aromatic profile and gorgeous taste will.

The effects of XJ-13 are balanced, making it an ideal strain for everyday stoners and rookies as well. Users often experience happiness, creativity, focus, and the need to get social. It is an ideal strain for connoisseurs and rookies as well as novice consumers looking for an easy paranoia-free experience.

Medical benefits of XJ-13 THC Design 6 pack Pre-rolls

XJ-13 combats a myriad of symptoms ranging from pain, anxiety, stress and depression. It may also improve insomnia, migraines, nausea, and impaired appetite.

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