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The Juice weed – Hybrid – by Herbarium


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The Juice weed – Hybrid – by Herbarium


What is The Juice weed – Hybrid – by Herbarium all about?

The Juice by Herbarium is a hybrid cannabis strain with bestselling status in California. These buds fly off shelves. Each jar contains 3.5 grams of the finest The Juice nugs you ever saw, and tests prove them free of all contaminants. This strain is the hybrid cross of two famous strains, OJ Simpson and Johnny Cochran. The result is potent, flavorsome, and suitable for anytime use, no matter the time or place.

Potency tests around 30 percent. This is very strong, even for the most seasoned of you. You do not wait for effects. They hit immediately with a powerful surge of energetic warmth. You will giggle, socialize or, if working, get really busy, focused, and productive. In moderate doses, that is. In too-large doses, The Juice can feel overly relaxing, more suitable for later afternoon vibes. Try it on your day off. Worth it.

Patients especially enjoy The Juice. It has a full cannabinoid profile that offers a horde of benefits. You can expect effective anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiemetic, anticonvulsant, analgesic, anticancer, anxiolytic, antispasmodic, antidepressant, antitumor, antiepileptic, and other useful properties. What is particularly good about this strain is its ability to relieve both insomnia and fatigue. It also makes hungry.

Despite all this, Herbarium The Juice is even more popular among recreational users. Its flavor profile is legendary, its effects very long lasting. For many, it is its nicely balanced effects ideal for use whenever.

THC: 31%

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