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Raw Garden Sour Haze Top Shelf Weed Sauce – Hybrid


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Raw Garden Sour Haze Top Shelf Weed Sauce – Hybrid

1 gram

Raw Garden Sour Haze is a super-top shelf weed sauce loved by marijuana connoisseurs. This Sauce is made by the famous Raw Garden brand, which is known for their premium top shelf concentrate products. Testing over 68%, this sauce is some of the best dabbing material you will find on the market today. This is made from 100% pure cannabis extract and is licensed and legal in the state of California. Experience the best dabbing sauce on the market in California .

What is the Raw Garden Sour Haze Top Shelf Weed Sauce – Hybrid ?

You can expect a highly sedated high if you are a modest smoker. If you are a habitual smoker, then you can expect to get nice and relaxed. This is a great hybrid strain that is sativa dominant. So this flower is great for artists or anyone looking to get creative. Testing at nearly 70%, this pure THC concentrate will bring on that buzz you are looking for in your hit. Raw Garden only produces name brand strains in their top shelf concentrates, and you can enjoy their concentrates here today.

THC: 68.29%

CBD: .16%

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