Tropicana weed Strain – Indica – by CBX


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Tropicana weed Strain – Indica – by CBX

Tropicana weed by CBX is a popular cannabis strain in California. The suspected offspring of Big Bud and White Widow, Tropicana is incredibly potent. Independent lab tests measure THC content as high as 29 percent. This Indica-dominant strain undergoes extensive testing. Grown in perfect conditions, these buds test pure. You will not find any pesticides, chemicals, residual solvents, or other contaminants.

Because Tropicana is a very Indica-heavy strain, and of course because of its potency, newbies should start slowly. This strain is most suitable for late afternoon and evening use. You feel its effects immediately, no waiting around for them. It starts with a powerful kick to the head that soon turns relaxing, giggly, and ultimately glued to your sofa. It promises an appetite, so have snacks ready for it.

For medical patients, Tropicana is especially helpful. In large doses, it can feel sedating enough to keep you still after surgery. It also offers an abundance of cannabinoids. As such, you can benefit from its analgesic, anxiolytic, antioxidant, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, antidepressant, antitumor, antiemetic, antiepileptic, antispasmodic, and other properties. It treats insomnia well too.

Despite its many medical uses, CBX Tropicana is a favorite for recreational users too. Its potency is extreme and very pleasant, its effects potent and lasting several hours. These buds are also very tasty.


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