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True OG Cannabis – Indica

What is True OG?

What would cannabis be in the west without the OG strains? True OG, a widely popular Indica hybrid was born in Southern California, and believed to be a direct descendant of the celebrity OG Kush. A true OG phenotype with the best indica properties, this flower has won multiple awards for its potency, and refreshing aroma and taste. True OG’s test for psychoactivity measures its THC to be between 16 – 24%.

True OG cured cannabis flowers by Monterey Kush Co are processed to the highest ethical standards. Every jar we put on the shelf contains cannabis flowers of the highest quality. True OG has a slightly pungent aroma with notes of fruit and citrus.

What are the effects of True OG?

True OG is a heavy Indica hybrid with potent body effects. Given its moderate psychoactive content, True OG delivers a mellow cerebral high which is accompanied by enhanced focus and clarity of thought. The sensation gradually moves from the head down the shoulders, providing a body buzz that helps your body stay calm and relaxed. The ultimate comedown results in sedation, deep muscle relaxation, and sleep.

Benefits of True OG Cannabis

A potent Indica hybrid of the OG Kush lineage, True OG is selected by patients of insomnia and chronic stress. Its strong pain relieving effects helps with chronic pain and arthritis. It is perfect for treating nausea and lack of appetite, and people suffering from anxiety and attention deficit disorders can also medicate with it.

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