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True OG Marijuana Strain – Indica – By Zoma


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True OG Marijuana Strain – Indica


Zoma has created the top True OG weed strain on the market. A descendant of the world famous OG Kush family, True OG is a hybrid with a predominant indica component. Originally discovered and mostly grown in California, True OG contains THC levels that range between 16 – 24%. It is a versatile strain that offers potent head and body effects, but which also helps to tackle a myriad of ailments and symptoms.

Its small to medium buds are dense, and they adhere in a cone-like structure, giving it the appearance of a typical cannabis indica plant. Curly brownish red pistils shoot through its pale green leaves, and finally, it is dotted by a rich coverage of cloudy white trichomes.


True OG is a creeper. Usually, it takes about 10 minutes for the effects to kick in. A growing pressure that is first noticed in the temples. This sensation is accompanied by a warm rush if euphoria that lifts the mood and relieves stress. True OG can get you trippy — good news for people who relish the psychedelic properties of cannabis. It induces a warped perception of sound and vision, while it encourages the free flow of interaction and ideas . Due to its heavy indica composition, continued use can cause heavy sedation and couch lock.

Medical Benefits

True OG is chosen by medical cannabis users for its mood altering effects which dramatically improves symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress. It possesses pain killing properties that may alleviate arthritis, lupus, headaches, and migraines. It also provides the body with deep relaxation which helps insomniacs find restful sleep.

Composition: Indica-dominant Hybrid

Lineage: OG Kush

THC Average: 24%

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