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True OG weed Pre-Roll – Indica – by DimeBag


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True OG weed Pre-Roll – Indica – by DimeBag

A True OG Pre-Roll by Dime Bag is one of the most popular readymade joints throughout California. Prefilled with one gram of True OG, you can expect the very best. True OG, or Kobe OG, is a pure Indica phenotype. It smells skunky, pungent, and quite citrusy. Dime Bag prides itself on growing quality weed. These buds enjoy a life of luxury before harvest. What is more, tests prove them free of contaminants.

They also measure THC levels around 23 percent. True OG is a potent strain, but it is not among the strongest. However, you should not let this fool you. This strain is notorious for causing “couchlock.” Famous for it. You will also get hungry. With one puff, you will start to feel a delightful heady buzz. This relaxing strain will calm you down completely, leaving you chilled, immobile, and ready for bed, or sofa.

The hard-hitting effects of True OG promise a myriad of therapeutic benefits. It cures insomnia. It numbs pain, relieves headaches, boosts mood, and can help to keep you still after surgery. True OG has anti-inflammatory properties too, and it is identifiable as a popular strain for helping cancer patients manage their symptoms and cope better with treatment, from radiation to chemotherapy, surgery, and more.

However, although therapeutically famous, everybody benefits from a Dime Bag True OG Pre-Roll. It enhances mood, tastes divine, and gives relaxing entirely new meaning. This strain is for nighttime use.

THC: 23.02%

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