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Truffle Tree Cannabis Strain – Hybrid


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Truffle Tree Cannabis Strain

What is Truffle Tree?

Contrary to what its name suggests, Truffle Tree is an indica-dominant hybrid created by a cross between Gelato X Chocolate Kush, this strain is a sedative herb with sweet terpenes and long lasting body effects. Truffle Tree bursts with sweet terpenes, expressing fruity and floral notes. It also has a hint of caramel and its aroma is much like its flavor.

Truffle Tree is an indica strain with traditional indica properties. The plant grows short, but has thick, dense buds that are covered with red hairs and a rich layer of trichomes. It has light leaves with dark green shades.

The Truffle Tree strain possess THC that fan reach up to 25%, as recorded in recent tests. Its moderate to high psychoactivity can induce an uplifted feeling that can range from mellow happiness to extreme euphoria. Its heavy sedating properties can, however, couch-lock even the most seasoned consumers that don’t approach this bud with caution.

Medical Benefits of Truffle Tree

if you are looking for quick-acting, long lasting relief from stress, anxiety and insomnia, the Truffle Tree Cannabis strain is a perfect strain. People suffering from mild depression, chronic pain and muscle cramps may also benefit immensely from the deeply relaxing properties of the Truffle Tree strain.

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