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Weed Capsules | Natures Nectar | Hybrid – 18mg


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Product Description

Weed Capsules | Natures Nectar | Hybrid – 18mg

Weed Capsules:

18MG THC total

2mg CBD total

Potency: 18 mg/Cap.
1 Pack: 1 Cap.


What are Single Serving Weed Capsules?

Nature’s Nectar Cannabis-Infused Weed Capsules come in single servings of one individually packaged capsule. Infused with a hybrid strain using an ultra-refined extract, each capsule offers an all-vegan tincture containing organic coconut oil and non-GMO soy lecithin. Easy to swallow, very discreet, and highly portable, one single serving capsule contains 17.94 milligrams of THC and a full two milligrams of CBD.

Although it can take up to hours to feel effects, with an hour being more common, these single capsules are insanely potent. Derived from a mysterious strain with evenly balanced effects, you will feel talkative, energized, sociable, happy, and mentally focused initially. However, after a few hours, effects will start to wear off, leaving you blissfully content, lazy, sleepy, and in large doses, properly sedated.

Because Nature’s Nectar makes a high quality full-spectrum concentrate for its single serving capsules, CBD levels are high at two milligrams. This makes just one capsule extremely beneficial for patients, who use it to find relief from various ailments and their symptoms, including severe chronic pain, spasms, anxiety, depression, appetite problems, nausea, vomiting, seizures, spasticity, cancer, and more.

Although of the highest medical-grade and designed for patients, Nature’s Nectar Single-Serving Cannabis-Infused Capsules are potent and affordable enough to make them popular recreationally too.

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