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Lime Sorbet Cresco Weed Cartridges – Hybrid

5.00 out of 5 Lime Sorbet Cresco Weed Cartridges - Hybrid
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Lime Sorbet Cresco Weed Cartridges – Hybrid


Weed cartridges by Cresco are known for testing high in THC and delivering pure cannabis oil, in its finest state. Franctionally distilled cannabis oil from the famous Lime Sorbet strain is cherished by many connoisseur smokers, for its taste and high testing THC content. Testing just over 80% this cartridge satisfies even the most habitual smokers needs.

Taste the purity of the strain in every hit. These Cresco cartridges are top shelf to the max. Each cartridge comes with 500mg of pure cannabis oil ready for consumption.

What to expect from the Lime Sorbet Cresco Weed Cartridges – Hybrid ?

You can expect a highly euphoric high. This product is hybrid based so for habitual smokers its great for getting creative and for new smokers, this is great for getting really high and relaxed. Rest assured all smokers love these Cresco cartridges and the strain Lime Sorbet. The mix of the two is nothing short of perfection in an oil cartridge. Enjoy Cresco cartridges and other get cartridge brands here at Pot Valet today.

THC: 81.24%

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1 review for Lime Sorbet Cresco Weed Cartridges – Hybrid

  1. Estelle
    5 out of 5


    Great quality cart!! Danky strain too

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