White Tahoe Cookies

White Tahoe Cookies – Hybrid


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White Tahoe Cookies Weed


What is White Tahoe Cookies?

White Tahoe Cookies weed by Smooth, among the most popular strains in California, is an Indica-dominant hybrid of three famous strains, being The White, Tahoe OG, and Girl Scout Cookies. Bred by originally by Kush4Breakfast, White Tahoe Cookies measures THC levels around 29 percent, easily one of the most potent strains of all time. It is not for the faint of heart, however. Certainly not for daytime neither.

Because this strain derives from predominantly Indica genetics, it is most suitable for late afternoons after a hard day’s work, evening, even bedtime use. After a short while, and especially in high doses, White Tahoe Cookies can be particularly tranquilizing. Famous for its intense mental high and relaxed body buzz, this strain will glue you to your sofa for several hours yet. Get the snacks ready beforehand.

For patients, White Tahoe Cookies is abundant in various cannabinoids, all with their own unique medicinal properties, and all working together to treat you synergistically. This strain is a powerful anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antidepressant, and anxiolytic. It also relieves nausea, appetite problems, vomiting, headaches, seizures, spasticity, neurological issues, cancer, and far too many to ever name.

Not only patients benefit from White Tahoe Cookies by Smooth, though. Everyone does, including recreational users. Loved for its intense potency and overwhelmingly pleasant effects, this is a must-try.

THC: 19.72%

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