White Truffle weed

White Truffle weed – Hybrid – by Power Farms

5.00 out of 5 White Truffle weed - Hybrid - by Power Farms
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White Truffle weed – Hybrid – by Power Farms

White Truffle weed by Power Farms is among the most popular newer strains of cannabis strains in California. This hybrid cross of OG Kush and expresses slight Indica dominance. Power Farms grows this strain in perfect conditions. These buds, available in 3.5 grams, test pure and of the highest quality. THC levels alone measure near 28 percent. The result is a potent strain that flies off shelves wherever it goes.

Because THC content is so high, newbies should approach this strain cautiously. Famous for its suitability for anytime use, many folks use this strain to get through the day. It is motivating, energizing, mentally focusing. It is sociable and improves mood. It can also get sleepy as effects wear off and, in high doses, can be especially sedating. You are likely to get a severe case of the “munchies.” Prepare yourself for it.

Those using cannabis therapeutically can find much benefit in White Truffle. This strain has a large and useful cannabinoid profile. It is abundant in terpenes too. You can use it to treat headaches, fatigue, anxiety, pain, inflammation, depression, insomnia, glaucoma, seizures, muscular spasms and disorders, convulsions, concentration problems, appetite issues, and more. It is popular during cancer treatments.

However, despite its medical value, recreational users benefit from the White Truffle strain, as well. Renowned for its potency, flavor, and nice, balanced effects, you will certainly love it too.

THC: 27.85%

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  1. Letha
    5 out of 5


    The buds are super nice!

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