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Xtreme Genetics – Frosting Strain


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Xtreme Genetics – Frosting Strain

If you are looking for a strain that doesn’t hit your body, but leave you relaxed, chatty and focused, get Xtreme Genetics – Frosting Strain today.

It is a nice strain used for smooth smoke. It is effective for lack of appetite, relieving stress and insomnia. The strain is frosty, sweet, earthy and skunk like. Unlike other strains, you will not have dry mouth and the strain is considered a good hybrid strain of cannabis.

Frosting strain by Xtreme Genetics is nice smoke which is very smooth and relaxing. The aroma is bold and sweet. If you take this strain at bedtime, it can help you getting a sound nights sleep.

This strain looks beautiful with green colors, hairs and crystals intertwined. It is nice for body relief, the potential for sedation and great for keeping your mind completely relaxed. It allows you to sleep and also enhance your appetite.

It has fruity tastes that will definitely go to tickle your tongue. Because this strain is highly relaxed, it lifts your mood and leaves you giggly and euphoric.

Our frosting strain is perfect for treating conditions like mood swings, depression, insomnia, and anxiety.


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  1. buckner


    Frosting strain is a nice smoke which is very smooth and relaxing. The aroma is bold and swee, it can help you to get a sound sleep.

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