Yeti OG Cannabis Strain – Indica

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What is Yeti OG Cannabis?


Headband BX, now known as Yeti OG Cannabis, is an incredibly tasty, heavy-yielding cannabis strain bred by NorCal collective called Loompa Farms. Its exact genetics are a mystery, but this Indica-dominant hybrid flies off shelves everywhere. Its dense buds promise a creamy smoke with pungent undertones of fuel, lemon, and pine. It is a particular favorite for connoisseurs with a taste for tantalizing and flavorful marijuana.

Laboratory tests measure THC levels for Yeti OG at over 20 percent. You will feel it almost immediately. Although effects are mentally focusing, energizing, and creative initially, this sedating strain will soon leave you feeling completely relaxed, ravenously hungry, and content to enjoy a lazy day. For this reason, Yeti OG is not advisable for daytime use. Most people use it in the evening or just before bed.

Medicinally, this strain is especially powerful. It also contains as much as three percent CBD, which is incredibly high and, combined with THC, ideal for treating a variety of health conditions, mild to severe. Yeti OG is a famous painkiller. It also treats insomnia most effectively. Its other uses include anxiety, seizures, inflammation, multiple sclerosis, depression, cancer, digestive problems, and much more.

Everybody benefits from Yeti OG, not patients exclusively. Recreational users love its potency, extreme relaxation, pleasant effects, incredible flavor profile, dense buds, and suitability for lazy-time use.

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1 review for Yeti OG Cannabis Strain – Indica

  1. Walker
    5 out of 5


    That is some bomb bomb OG, has the real taste, smell, and for the price you cannot go wrong!!

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