Z-Cube Weed Strain

Z-Cube Weed Strain – Indica – Caliva Brands


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Z-Cube Weed Strain

One of the most prized strains of Caliva, the Z-Cube Weed Strain is a tropical cannabis hybrid plant with a 70% Indica component and a THC level that tops 30% in most tests. Though you’d expect this flower to be a downer, its effects are surprisingly balanced—elevating yet relaxing—making it a perfect representation of a true hybrid.

A beautiful flower radiating with color, the Z-Cube flower is large and green with a lighter hue and contrasting orange pistils. The highlight of Z-Cube is its enticing smell which blends notes of grapefruit, berries, and rose petals, with a hint of the pungent OG diesel.

The Caliva Z-Cube flower induces creativity, and produces a feeling of overall well-being and the desire to connect with people, socially and spiritually. This flower may cause a time spell and enhance your sensory perception. When looking to engage in artistic endeavors or need to get up and hit the trail, this flower delivers the right amount of inspiration and energy.

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