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Marijuana Delivery Vacaville

If you are looking for a convenient, affordable marijuana delivery service in Vacaville, then Pot Valet provides a legal and discreet online cannabis dispensary for patients. We send all of our products for laboratory testing to ensure they meet the highest medical standards in California, and you will not be disappointed with our wide selection of choices. We have over 100 products on offer.

Using our website could not be any easier. Simply upload your Marijuana Card to register for an account and we will approve it in minutes. Once authorized, you can add any cannabis product your heart desires to your shopping cart and it will arrive at your doorstep within 45 minutes – free of charge. Our product catalogue offers far more than your local Vacaville marijuana dispensary ever can.

Online Marijuana Dispensary for Vacaville

Vacaville residents can enjoy all the benefits of our website. The Pot Valet blog regularly uploads interesting articles about every topic related to cannabis. You can learn how to grow your own, which products are best for which illnesses, legalization progress across the state, and other useful information related to the weed industry. We also have experts online at all times to answer your questions.

Our cannabis delivery service to Vacaville is fast, safe and discreet. There is no obligation to buy when you browse our online catalogue, and you will never need to visit or source high quality cannabis from another dispensary again. We offer everything cannabis that you will ever need and we only stock premium-grade weed for your safety.

Vacaville Marijuana Laws

Cannabis is still federally illegal in the United States. Since its listing as a Schedule 1 drug under the Controlled Substances Act in 1970, federal law prohibits anyone from using, possessing, transporting, cultivating, or selling marijuana. However, states have the right to enact their own laws. California chose to legalize it, first medically under Proposition 215, then recreationally under Proposition 64.

Back in 1996, voters approved Proposition 215 for medical patients. It allowed them to grow their own cannabis and use it to treat themselves. During the 2016 elections, Californians voted in favor of Proposition 64, which finally made recreational cannabis legal, as well. Cities in California have been governing the cultivation and distribution of weed according to the state’s laws.

Vacaville and other cities in the state decided on their own cannabis laws. In 2009, the Vacaville City Council adopted an ordinance that allowed marijuana dispensaries to operate in its jurisdiction. It did this after first examining conditions of public safety, health and welfare. However, after further research, city officials argued that the state’s zoning ordinances did not allow cannabis operations.

They had concerns that dispensaries were conflicting with city plans, as well as some state and federal regulations. Furthermore, officials began claiming that cannabis dispensaries were threatening public health and safety. As a result, the Vacaville Municipal Code added Chapter 9.13 in 2011. This banned all marijuana operations throughout the city, including dispensaries and delivery services.

Frustratingly, qualified patients had to travel to other Californian cities where marijuana was legal. Banning cannabis dispensaries was but the first step in keeping patients from their medicine. In 2015, the city began researching the consequences of banning cultivation and it was actively looking for alternatives. Then, California enacted the Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act in October 2015.

Under this Act, the state began establishing a framework for regulating and licensing the commercial production and distribution of cannabis. It included cultivation, manufacturing, transporting, distributing, and selling. If local jurisdictions did not adopt their laws to either restrict or legalize, the state would have sole licensing authority.

In response, the Vacaville City Council proposed two ordinances to protect Chapter 9.13 of its Municipal Code. The first prohibited everyone from cultivating marijuana within its city limits. The second ordinance was the “Regulatory Grow.” It allowed qualified caregivers and patients to grow their own under strict guidelines, and it benefited those who were travelling across the state to buy their medicine.

The city had a choice: Either choose one of these ordinances or forfeit regulatory authority to the state under the MMRSA law. It decided to ban medical patients from growing their own, arguing that risk of fires, strong odors, inadequate ventilation, faulty electrical wiring, and even potential robberies would threaten public health, safety and welfare. The No Grow ordinance became effective in January 2016.

Legal Cannabis Delivery Service to Vacaville

The decision of California voters to legalize recreational marijuana under Proposition 64 puts the city under pressure to rethink its No Grow stance. Although it supports the federal view of keeping weed illegal, it has to adapt itself to the people’s vote or give commercial control to the state. For this reason, cannabis delivery to Vacaville is technically legal, provided the dispensary has a state license to operate.

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