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The History of Marijuana Laws in Vallejo, California
Most cities in California allowed the use of marijuana within the limits outlined in Proposition 215 of 1996. However, cities began to adopt different laws after the Marijuana Program (MMP) was amended in 2011. The Program was introduced to clarify the limits of marijuana cultivation, delivery, and use within the State. The amendments in 2011 allowed cities to establish ordinances to regulate marijuana use in their jurisdiction. The use of marijuana in Vallejo, Solano County changed after the MMP amendments. The first major change in the City was the approval of Measure C in November 2011. Vallejo voters approved the measure on the ballot, which imposed a 10% license tax on all marijuana businesses in the city. The minimum base was set at $500 and the tax was based on gross revenue from marijuana sale.

About 76% of the voters supported the business license tax in the general election. However, the City Council of Vallejo did not fully support the development of marijuana dispensaries in the City. The Council introduced several moratoriums to abolish the tax measure. One of the moratoriums on marijuana dispensaries was enacted in 2013, which would last for a year. The Council members extended the moratorium to April 2015. The moratorium was introduced as a clarification to the public that marijuana dispensaries were not part of the City’s legal land use. This was one of the clear signs that the City Council would limit or abolish marijuana dispensaries in the coming years.
In January 2015, members of the City Council voted in favor of a new regulation that would allow the Council to shut down all unregulated dispensaries in Vallejo. The ordinance directed City Council staff to stop issuing new licenses and renewing expired licenses for all marijuana business. In addition, the ordinance directed the staff to decline tax payments from business owners. The Council members also voted in support of a direction that would allow the city staff to research and develop a new regulatory ordinance that would limit the number of regulated marijuana dispensaries in the City.

The city staff presented its proposed ordinance, which was released to the public for comment in March 2015. The staff proposed only two regulated dispensaries within the city. After the Council banned marijuana dispensaries, 11 owners of marijuana dispensaries tried to pay taxes in protest of the ban. However, the city staff refused to receive the tax payments as directed in the new ordinance. After seeking permission from the courts, the Vallejo City Council adopted a new regulatory ordinance in May 2015. The new ordinance allowed four marijuana dispensaries to operate within the city.
The City Council started receiving applications from business owners to operate one of the four dispensaries. However, opponents of the new ordinance caused tension in the city. They demanded a copy of the ordinance with the intention of campaigning for a veto referendum. The opponents collected and submitted signatures from city residents who thought that four dispensaries would not serve licensed patients effectively. The Council continued to receive and review application but when the referendum was certified, the members withdrew the new regulatory ordinance. Consequently, the proposed referendum was abolished.

In July 2015, the Vallejo City Council adopted a new ordinance that allowed 12 regulated dispensaries to conduct business in the City. At the start of the year 2016, the City Council unanimously agreed to form a new marijuana committee named the Marijuana Stakeholder and Expert Group. The city staff presented a report to the Council that outlined the rationale for establishing the committee. The staff cited the need for insights and feedback from key players in the industry on the cultivation, testing, and delivery of marijuana within the city.

The Council allowed applications from licensed patients, agricultural experts, and representatives from the dispensary owners and homeowners associations or neighborhood watch groups. The Group would also include representatives from the police department, City Manager’s office, and school district among other departments in the city. The initiative may settle the debate on marijuana dispensaries in Vallejo that has persisted for years. In 2015, the City Council started discussing a new ordinance to prohibit cannabis deliveries and restrict cultivation within the city. Players in the industry are waiting for the Council’s verdict on the issues given the new State laws that permit cultivation and delivery of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes.

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