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CLICK HERE to complete the online registration and buy marijuana online. Remember to upload a copy of your doctor`s marijuana recommendation and photo ID. We will email you when you have been accepted into our collective. “A patient using any marijuana delivery service is strongly advised to have a state-issued DHS card for maximum protection under the law.

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Becoming a member of Pot Valet online collective takes a few minutes, and you can place your first order immediately afterwards. In order to qualify for marijuana delivery in California, simply upload a copy of your doctor`s letter of recommendation and a Government I.D. photograph. If you do not yet have a Doctors recommendation, Pot Valet can help you through this process online, via our partners


Delivered Legally

Under California law, a cannabis dispensary may deliver pot to members of its collective. Anyone registered as a marijuana patient in its database is a lawful member and eligible to buy from a delivery service. Because Pot Valet acts as a connecting portal between patients and providers, delivery occurs in 45 minutes or less, faster than you could collect it yourself.

Welcome to Pot Valet Marijuana Dispensary

Pot Valet is an online collective providing the best marijuana in California to legitimate patients statewide. It connects patients with state-sanctioned marijuana dispensaries offering laboratory-tested medical-grade quality, and because of this partnership, Pot Valet guarantees the fastest, safest, most convenient cannabis delivery system throughout California.

The Widest Selection of Marijuana Products

Because Pot Valet collaborates with many dispensaries, it is able to offer patients the widest choice of marijuana strains and other products. Flowers, concentrates, oils, lubricants, vapors, feminine hygiene products, and even a variety of cannabis edibles, patients have access to the largest selection of marijuana available anywhere in California, all products are tested in laboratories for quality and assurance.

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