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About Us

Welcome to Pot Valet Marijuana Weed Delivery, a trusted source for legal marijuana delivery services in Los Angeles, California. We commit ourselves exclusively to providing the best experience for our customers, from the finest quality cannabis products to assured safety, absolute discretion, largest selection, and fastest delivery – in Los Angeles.

Our unmatched convenience ensures you receive only the best weed in under 1 hour, right to your doorstep. You can pay the driver with cash or a debit card when they arrive. No need to waste time in traffic or money on fuel. No need to risk your life navigating crime-infested areas. Rather stay home, sit back and relax, and let us arrive within 90 minutes of your order. Make an appointment and come to our office location at: 2432 S Broadway, Los Angeles, 90007. You can register, order and view the menu all in person. We arrive in under 90 minutes to your door, if you are in our immediate delivery locations.

  • Core Values and Ethics
  • Privacy is without doubt crucial to your safety. Pot Valet makes discretion our foremost priority, protecting you from exposure by any means necessary. Moreover, we do not compromise on speed or quality to bring you this guarantee, as we promise to deliver only the best products in the best condition.
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  • Legal Deliveries
  • Pot Valet Marijuana Weed Delivery offers legal weed deliveries to your door in under 90 minutes
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  • Quality Guarantees
  • Californian residents get only the highest quality marijuana, lab-tested and guaranteed.
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  • Timely Deliveries
  • You will meet our drivers, at your door, within 1 hour or less.
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  • Professional Teams
  • All our people are professionals. Our drivers will treat you with respect and courtesy.
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  • Privacy Assurances
  • Our secure servers keep all of your information safe and away from prying eyes.
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  • Main Objectives
  • Customers enjoy the friendliest, most hassle-free experience while we spread information and awareness of cannabis to the world.
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  • Fast Delivery
  • Pot Valet delivers immediate delivery in specific cities in California, quickly and legally. Get your order in 1 hour or less.
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  • Legal Deliveries
  • Pot Valet complies with all laws to guarantee the finest quality marijuana. All products undergo testing and all suppliers are state-licensed cannabis dispensaries. We only deliver to legitimate medical patients and adults 21-years and older.
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  • Supply Network
  • Pot Valet only collaborates with trusted and endorsed marijuana dispensaries, and only if they share our dedication to your safety and commit to the extremely high standards of our customers.
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  • 100% Natural Weed
  • Pot Valet only sells pure, authentic, unmixed, 100 percent natural marijuana. No pesticides, no heavy metals, no contaminants whatsoever. Our products are completely safe for consumption.
  • Why Us?
  • Anyone looking for marijuana delivery in California need search no further. Pot Valet has an extensive, firmly-established network of licensed suppliers all striving to provide our customers with the highest quality, most discreet weed in Los Angeles, faster than you could get it yourself. Immediate delivery in under 90 minutes. Cash or Debit card accepted upon arrival.
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