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About us — Pot Valet

Welcome to Pot Valet, a very reliable partner for marijuana delivery services in California. We are committed to providing professional delivery services to all licensed marijuana patients wherever they are in Los Angeles County, Santa Barbara County, Monterey County, Shasta County, Orange County and Solano County. You can receive deliveries in these regions in the safest and most convenient means possible. In these select areas, orders are delivered in 45 minutes or less.

Pot Valet also offers extremely fast delivery of Marijuana Products and Goods throughout all of California.

With Pot Valet marijuana delivery services, you don’t need to leave your house to get assistance from a local marijuana dispensary. Pot Valet delivery service does the actual delivery to you while comfortably sitting in your house or to your preferred location. Again, we stock different types of medical marijuana products such as wax, hash, concentrates and edible brands among others. That is one of the special things about Pot Valet.  You won’t have to continue your search for products from different centers. Whether you are a new patient or a seasoned medical weed pro, we give necessary assistance where needed. In that case, our clients are not left out in the dark if they need to be assisted in one way or another.

Core Values and Ethics

One of the most important things in the safe marijuana delivery process is the aspect of privacy. At Pot Valet, we endeavor to protect you from exposure and make sure that your deliveries are made in the most discrete manner possible. Moreover, privacy is not provided at the expense of speed and quality of your product. Instead, we make sure that deliveries are made swiftly, in high quality and fresh condition.

We work day and night to make sure all your needs are met in a timely manner. There is always the urge to improve and give quality customer experience through our marijuana delivery services. One of Potvalet’s objectives is to safeguard medical marijuana patients from illegal marijuana dispensaries. Even with the sale of medical cannabis, we are dedicated to serving our community in a holistic way. Therefore, we advise our clients to stay safe and get the best marijuana for use.

Meet professionals who are out to help you in your search for your recommended medical marijuana products. Our support staff will give you the best experience ever as they guide you in the process of ordering and getting your marijuana. Marijuana delivery means a lot to us because we understand the conditions of our clients. We always want to be part of the solution you are looking for and not add more to your challenges.

Why us?

Anyone looking for medical marijuana delivery in Los Angeles County, Monterey County, Shasta County, Orange County, Santa Barbara County, and Solano County should consider using Pot Valet. We have a well-established network of suppliers of fresh and high-quality medical cannabis for all patients. Our services are available online and with just a click of a button, you will be able to register and start buying once your registration is approved. All this will happen from the comfort of your home. For registration, a copy of your medical card and photo ID will be required alongside other personal details.
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