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Every Must-Know About Cannabis Terpenes

  • The smell of cannabis is highly recognizable. Most catch a whiff of it long before they see it and know …

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4 Ways to Grow Environmentally Friendly Weed

  • For most, being environmentally conscious is important. We tend to think deforestation, fossil fuels, landfills, and agriculture are the main …

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Federal Legalization Gets Major Boost

  • While Californians freely search Google for “marijuana delivery Los Angeles,” the House passed legislation that would effectively legalize cannabis nationwide. …

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Cannabis and Its Journey Across the World

  • Cannabis has been part of human record for over 10 000 years. Many cultures grew it. They ate its seeds, …

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Study Finds Cannabis Motivating College Students

  • Despite widespread belief that cannabis turns people into couch potatoes, the opposite is proving true. As more college students search …

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