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Proposed Senate Bill Will Protect Legal States from Federal Interference

  • Senators Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat from Massachusetts, and Cory Gardner, a Republican from Colorado, introduced a new bill on Thursday …

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UK Pot Laws Condemned after Epileptic Boy’s Medicine Confiscated

  • Cannabis laws in the United Kingdom are under attack by members of parliament, who are now criticizing the rules. After …

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Finding a Fairfield Dispensary that Delivers Weed

  • Nestled in California’s quaint town of Fairfield, marijuana is not difficult to get your hands on. Unfortunately, having it delivered …

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Uruguay Struggling to Supply Cannabis Demand

  • Cursing, Laura Andrade left a pharmacy in Uruguay recently because she could not get her hands on legal pot. After …

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7 Good Reasons to Eat Weed in Vacaville

  • A few decades ago, cooking with weed in Vacaville was a major taboo subject, reserved for stereotypical stoners only. As …

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