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Legalization Bill Drops One-Meter Height Restriction for Cannabis Plants

  • A Liberal clause in the marijuana legalization bill would have put Canadians before a prosecutor if their pot plants grew …

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The Science of Marijuana : How It Works

  • Marijuana is a complex plant. It contains a diverse set of chemical molecules called cannabinoids. These constituents attach themselves to …

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Deadly Wildfires Devastate California’s Marijuana Industry

  • Northern California is alive with lethal wildfires, and the Emerald Triangle, which houses many of the state’s cannabis farms, is …

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Does Cannabis Improve Immunity in HIV Patients?

  • A new study confirms that marijuana improves immunity in HIV patients. Those who test positive for previous exposure to weed …

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Medical Marijuana Patients Using Less Prescription Drugs

  • In Illinois, some medical marijuana patients say that the herb has empowered them to reduce their use of and reliance …

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Bank Risks Federal Trouble to Service Marijuana Businesses

  • Banking services are not something marijuana companies enjoy. In fact, they cannot even deposit money into a bank account, as …

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6 Reasons for the Elderly to Use Medical Marijuana

  • Seniors should consume more weed, and they are in ever-increasing numbers. Medical marijuana effectively treats most symptoms associated with the …

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Federal Government Keeping an Eye on California Pot Activities

  • Just last year, California produced, at a bare minimum, 13.5 million pounds of ganja. It only consumed 2.5 million pounds, …

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10 Marijuana Lies You Should Stop Believing

  • We have all fallen victim to a hoax or conspiracy theory. One of the communities that have the biggest amount …

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Out Goes DEA Head Chuck Rosenberg, In Comes Who?

  • As reported by both the New York Times and the Washington Post, Chuck Rosenberg, acting head of the Drug Enforcement …

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Michigan Approves Mega-Cultivation of Medical Marijuana

  • According to an advisory released on Thursday, Michigan is welcoming medical marijuana companies warmly and inviting them to grow large-scale …

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Nevada Makes $27 Million in First Month of Legal Marijuana Sales

  • The gamble Nevada took on recreational cannabis is certainly paying off. In July alone, the state’s first month of legal …

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