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Why Marijuana Consumption is perfect for Post Workout Relief ?

  • Marijuana has become more dominant and as a result seven states are already preparing for legalization. On becomes tired, sore …

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New Fights over the Use of Recreational Cannabis in San Francisco

  • San Francisco is one place that you could enjoy having a joint for medical or recreational purposes, but there is …

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Marijuana Stocks Skyrocket in Canada

  • Legalizing marijuana isn’t the only progressive move that the community is hoping to achieve. Another, more lucrative endeavor is for …

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California to Tax Recreational Marijuana Heavily; Not the Best Idea to Beat Cannabis Black Market

  • From the moment marijuana was legalized in California, there were expectations that it was going to be a budding business. …

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Alex Bortel, A 12 Year Old Epileptic Girl Sues U.S Attorney General Jeff Sessions

  • Jeff sessions, the U.S Attorney General, has been sued by a 12 year-old epileptic girl Alexis Bortell. The 12 year- …

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