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Governor LePage Vetoes Maine’s Recreational Marijuana Bill

  • On Friday, Governor of Maine Paul LePage vetoed the state’s recreational marijuana bill. In one fell swoop, he reversed a …

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Santa Monica Gives Marijuana Dispensaries A Green Light

  • It has been more than 20 years now since California voters voted in favor of Compassionate Use Act. This made …

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Military Veterans Give Strong Support for Marijuana

  • A recent poll released by Gallup showed the vast majority of Americans in favor of legalizing weed. In fact, by …

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Thousands of Medical Patients in Pennsylvania Register for Marijuana

  • The medical marijuana program in Pennsylvania began with a bang. In its first week alone, over 3,800 patients registered their …

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Impact of Medical Marijuana on Kids with Seizures and Chemotherapy Nausea

  • Millions of parents across the world are asking themselves if their ill children would not benefit from known medical marijuana …

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Marijuana Wins Elections on Tuesday

  • On Tuesday, voters in two different states elected new governors. These elections both, along with the results of several local …

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Pot Prices Set to Nearly Double in California

  • A new tsunami of regulations and tax requirements is about to reshape California’s legal cannabis marketplace, influencing where it grows, …

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How Decarbing your Marijuana Will Help You Stay Healthy and Relaxed ?

  • It is easy to find that people would just want to have a fat joint to smoke without appreciating the …

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Is It Safe For People With Heart Stents To Consume Medical Marijuana ?

  • Heart disease is one of the largest causes of deaths around the world. It is often a fatal condition that …

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  • Cannabis licensing will commence on Jan 1 in California. A huge crowd turned up at the states informational seminar in …

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Study Finds More Cancer Patients Using Medical Marijuana

  • Treating the side effects of cancer treatment is among the most widely known uses of medical marijuana. The herb effectively …

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How the Concentration of THC Varies Among the Different Users of Cannabis ?

  • What’s THC? What are some facts about it? And how does its concentration vary from one marijuana user to the …

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