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Marijuana Legalization in California Might Affect Workplace Drug Tests

  • Starting January 1, 2018, California will finally start selling recreational marijuana. California reisdents will be able to easily walk into a marijuana …

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Cannabis retail; will be legal but won’t be easy

  • Soon enough the sale of cannabis will be legal in the state of California with others perhaps to follow, but …

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The cannabis microbusiness; whoever said small business was dead ?

  • On the first of January 2018 the doors to many a new type of business will swing open for the …

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The wildfire; California’s biggest weed smoker.

  • Past years have seen the devastating forces that are wildfires destroy crops and houses alike. This year however the US …

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California and Other States to Jeff Sessions: Back Off, We Can Legalize and Regulate Marijuana

  • The journey of getting marijuana legalized in California for recreational purposes has taken quite some time. Things turned for the …

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