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Top 3 Cannabis Strains for Creatives

  • There are many strong cases people have made for the health benefits of marijuana however something that marijuana users have …

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Californian Cannabis Lounges Could Create Increased Awareness

  • Since the legalisation of the Adult Use of marijuana there have been many changes in regulations across the cities and …

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Hazy Santa Barbara Cannabis Regulations still Causing Confusion

  • The ever-changing cannabis laws in Santa Barbara are proving difficult to keep up with. The back and forth regulations are …

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Culver City marijuana dispensaries placed on ice

  • Culver City’s decision to allow three marijuana dispensaries to operate in the area has been put on ice until “sometime” …

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Smoking pot legally in California is a joke, right?

  • It may be easy to buy pot in California but have you tried finding somewhere legal to smoke it? It’s …

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