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Popular Recreational Marijuana Myths Debunked

  • Although scientists, doctors, and society are more accepting, even appreciative now, of cannabis than ever before, and despite its legal …

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Does A Puff A Day Keep The Doctor Away?

  • The word on the street is that a daily dose of cannabis/puff could keep the doctor away. That using weed …

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Choosing Marijuana Seeds: Feminized or Autoflowering?

  • A successful harvest means considering several important factors before you even plant cannabis. Failure to do that will have you …

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Marijuana: A Safer Alternative to Alcohol and Other Drugs

  • Researchers recently confirmed what previous studies have long been indicating. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, using a …

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Social Impacts of Marijuana Legalization

  • Ever since Colorado and Washington first legalized recreational cannabis, being the first two states in the United States to do …

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